The house

The house

“Palazzo Carlo Goldoni,” known in its hometown of Chioggia even as “Palazzo Poli,” is one of the older historic residences in town and  has been recognized as “a landmark house” by the Department of Cultural Heritage.  We have documents that confirm its existence as early as in 1600, but it is likely that an earlier structure had already stood on that same spot in 1400.

In the sevententh century, the Palazzo Poli hosted the Court portraitist Rosalba Carriera.

We are very fond of this delicate artist who occupies an important place among the most innovative painters of her time and who was often invited to numerous other European Courts to portray sovereigns and other well-known contemporaries.

In the eighteenth century, it hosted for several years the playwright Carlo Goldoni, the person responsible for the renewal of “commedia dell’arte”.  From the balcony on the first floor, it is still possible to see the small window of a convent that witnessed the beginning and the end of the platonic love between young Carlo and a schoolgirl sent to board there.

It is likely that the windows of the Palazzo Carlo Goldoni provided the inspiration for this playwright’s comedy “Le Baruffe Chiozzotte.”  The play portrays Chioggia and its eighteenth century customs and temperament, many of which have remained largely unchanged to this day.

During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the Palazzo was the home of the Poli-Smeraldi family of shipowners, whose signature can be seen on the frescoes in the current office room, the Venetian-style flooring, and the first heating system to install elegant cast iron radiators.

After a period of abandonment and disrepair, the Palazzo was purchased by Umberto Gennari  (the grandfather of  the current managers) who initiated its renovation and transformation.  The house has served as our family home since 2004.

Guglielmo, Umberto’s son, and his wife Michela, who respectively worked for years as a pastry chef and a secretary, made the important decision to turn the house into a guest facility.  Meanwhile, I, their daughter Giulia, graduated from college and our family became more numerous thanks to the arrival of my husband Francisco and our son Michele, a regular guest at the breakfast buffet table.

The interiors and their distinct décor turned out to be suitable for other uses as well, such as events organized by our family on commission as well as civil ceremonies.

In all respects, the Palazzo remains a HOME.

Each of us works very hard to make sure its ambiance remains intact.

Instead of formalism, we prefer to have direct contact with our guests through friendly chats, warm hospitality, cordiality, and kindness.

We believe that it is the people who make a place special, and that any vacation, special event, or celebration, or business meeting is more pleasant when people feel relaxed in a serene environment.

We have many other things to tell you but we would rather do it over a cup of tea.

Please come and visit us so that we can extend a warm welcome to you in our home.

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