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Palazzo Carlo Goldoni, better known in its hometown of Chioggia as “Palazzo Poli,” is one of the older historic residences in town and  has been recognized as “a landmark house” by the Department of Cultural Heritage.

We have documents that confirm its existence as early as in 1600, but it is likely that an earlier structure had already stood on that same spot in 1400.

In the seventeenth century, the Palazzo Poli hosted the Court portraitist Rosalba Carriera. We are very fond of this delicate artist who occupies an important place among the most innovative painters of her time and who was often invited to numerous other European Courts to portray sovereigns and other well-known contemporaries.

In the eighteenth century, it hosted for several years the playwright Carlo Goldoni, the person responsible for the renewal of “commedia dell’arte”.

From the balcony on the first floor, it is still possible to see the small window of a convent that witnessed the beginning and the end of the platonic love between young Carlo and a schoolgirl sent to board there.

It is likely that the windows of the Palazzo Carlo Goldoni provided the inspiration for this playwright’s comedy “Le Baruffe Chiozzotte”.

The play portrays Chioggia and its eighteenth century customs and temperament, many of which have remained largely unchanged to this day.

During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the Palazzo was the home of the Poli-Smeraldi family of shipowners, whose signature can be seen on the frescoes in the current office room, the Venetian-style flooring, and the first heating system to install elegant cast iron radiators.

After a period of abandonment and disrepair, the Palazzo was purchased by Umberto Gennari  (the grandfather of  the current managers) who initiated its renovation and transformation.

The house has served as our family home since 2004.

Guglielmo, Umberto’s son, and his wife Michela, who respectively worked for years as a pastry chef and a secretary, made the important decision to turn the house into a guest facility.  

Meanwhile, I, their daughter Giulia, graduated from college and our family became more numerous thanks to the arrival of my husband Francisco and our son Michele, a regular guest at the breakfast buffet table.

The interiors and their distinct décor turned out to be suitable for other uses as well, such as events organized by our family on commission as well as civil ceremonies.

In all respects, the Palazzo remains a HOME.

Each of us works very hard to make sure its ambiance remains intact.

Instead of formalism, we prefer to have direct contact with our guests through friendly chats, warm hospitality, cordiality, and kindness.

We believe that it is the people who make a place special, and that any vacation, special event, or celebration, or business meeting is more pleasant when people feel relaxed in a serene environment.

We have many other things to tell you but we would rather do it over a cup of tea. 

Please come and visit us so that we can extend a warm welcome to you in our home.


  • Stanza dell'Aria

  • Bagno

  • Stanza dell'Aria

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The Air Room

Inspired by the constant breeze lingering over our vast coastline, “The Air Room” is the most spacious one.

It conveys a feeling of tranquility and refreshment due to the luminosity enabled by a very wide French window.

This room has direct access to the street and thus  guarantees our guests maximum freedom at all times.

The headboard derives from antique furniture that belonged to our Venetian family, and the predominant colors of this room are blue and sky blue.

The Air Room contains a small fridge with water and beverages, glasses, a kettle, cups, cutlery, a large plate, napkins, as well as an enticing selection of teas and biscuits and an irresistible fruit bowl for your enjoyment.

The bathroom has two sections, one is a shower stall and the other a wardrobe with a hairdryer and soap.

The section with the toilet and the shower stall has its own separate heating system.

Outside, on the patio, you can enjoy your private space with a table and chairs for your comfort and relaxation.

  • Stanza della Terra

  • Bagno

  • Stanza della Terra

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The Earth Room

This bedroom is our tribute to Mother Earth.

Entering through a large French window and reflecting on the gilded wall, the sunlight warms and pampers the Earth and the body.

The room hosts a panel of the Tree of Life, embroidered by hand for the Fair Trade Store.

The predominant colors are ochre and beige, and the direct access to the street guarantees our guests freedom to come and go at any time.

In this room you can find a small fridge with water and beverages, glasses, a kettle, cups, cutlery, a large plate, napkins, as well as an enticing selection of teas and biscuits, and an irresistible  fruit bowl for your enjoyment.

The bathroom is equipped with a shower stall, soap and a hairdryer.

Outside, under the colonnade, your private space with a table and chairs will help you enjoy peaceful moments and silence.

  • Stanza dell'Acqua

  • Bagno

  • Stanza dell'Acqua

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The Water Room

“The Water Room,” whose predominant colors are light blue and white, overlooks the Canal Vena, which takes its name because, in the past, it supplied the entire town of Chioggia with fresh water coming from the Brenta River.

Now the salty water from the lagoon flows there but the Canal still offers the locals a poetic vision of the town.

As you walk along the Canal the absence of traffic, the reflection of the water and the enchanting view of the town’s narrow streets will all bring to mind the charming ambience of Venice.

In “The Water Room” you can find a small fridge with water and beverages, glasses, a kettle, cups, cutlery, a large plate, napkins, as well as an enticing selection of teas and biscuits, and an irresistible fruit bowl for your enjoyment.

The bathroom is equipped with a shower stall, soap and a hairdryer.

Outside, under the colonnade, your private space with a table and chairs will help you enjoy peaceful moments and silence.


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01.08-15.08 70,00 € 95,00 € 112,00 €
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Colazione servita +8.00 euro a persona



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  • I spent one night in this beautiful B&B.
    The room was comfortable and clean and in the center of town.
    A delicious, sumptuous breakfast was served on a romantic terrace. I would recommend everyone to spend a weekend in this wonderful B&B. Beautiful!

    by 69sugar69
  • Simply perfect!
    This finely renovated period house has a perfect location.
    As soon as you enter, you feel immersed in old Venice.
    The owners are kind and eager to give you information about visiting Chioggia and the nearby area.
    In our opinion, it is an excellent base for day-trips to Venice as well as other places nearby.

    by 1600MG
  • Central position, a beautiful, cozy place.
    I definitely recommend it.
    We were very happy with our stay and got more than we expected.
    The owner is kind and helpful, attentive to the needs of her guests.

    by Aurorasyria


Do you need to organize a personal event, or a business meeting, or something different for your leisure time?

Do you need a location in the historic center of Chioggia?

If you are interested in prices or need any other kind of information about our services, please make an appointment by contacting me on the phone directly (Giulia +39-349-3977697) or send an email to, or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Click here to see a sampling of past events organized at Palazzo Carlo Goldoni.


Palazzo Carlo Goldoni is happy to host any event that  complies with our accommodations, its capacity, and its ethics.



Celebrate your wedding at Palazzo Carlo Goldoni!

You can celebrate your symbolic wedding in the beautiful ambiance offered by Palazzo Goldoni.

On the main street of the historic center in Chioggia, a seventeenth century palazzo in Venetian baroque style, where the famous playwright Carlo Goldoni and painter Rosalba Carriera took up residence, can become the ideal setting for your wedding.

The package for the civil ceremony includes:

The prestigious location and efficiency of our services backed by years of experience will make your Wedding Ceremony at Palazzo Carlo Goldoni a wonderful moment to experience and remember!

There are many ways in which your ceremony can be personalized, but it  must reflect the newlyweds wishes and their lifestyle.  And this is our greatest challenge!  To be in sync with couples who are ready to tie the knot, to understand their tastes and dreams, and help make them come true in the best way possible.

We will assist you at every step of your organization of the ceremony and, if you wish, we can recommend professionals who will take care of its every facet. These are highly competent people with whom we have worked many times over the years. Furthermore, you can discuss and arrange prices with them as we do not charge for any services provided by third parties and recommended by us.

You will find below a list of services to choose from in order to make your wedding colorful and unique:

We can satisfy all your requests as well as offer you advice on where to shop for wedding attire, make up and hair stylists, favors, catering, photo albums, floral arrangements, and many other things. 

Just contact Giulia at +39-349-3977697, or send an email to


The most beautiful day of your life will exceed your most precious dreams!

Places to visit

What to visit in Chioggia and in the surroundings of this beautiful city?

There are many things you can see and visit in and near the beautiful town of Chioggia.

Strolling around the beautiful historic center of Chioggia you will discover its churches and museums.  Apart from a painting by Tiziano , the town hosts numerous pieces of artwork created by artists of the Venetian School, the oldest and still-functioning tower clock in the world, many churches, the Museum of Marine Zoology, the Laguna Sud Civic Museum, and the Pinacoteca Vescovile (the Bishopric Gallery).  We are a ten-minute walk from the vaporetto to Venice, and right across the street from us you can hop on a bus to Padua or Venice, or even take the local bus to Sottomarina and spend luxurious hours lounging on the beach.

In order to help you enjoy your stay, upon your arrival we will give you information about all the events that are taking place in our area. We can organize for you pleasure nature walks in Pellestrina and Cà Roman, Bosco Nordio, and the Po Delta. We can arrange boat trips as well as kayaking in Valli, in the Lagoon, or in any other  place you wish, and you will be accompanied by expert kayakers.  You can book the tours in advance or upon your arrival.

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Guglielmo +39.3384286603


Please contact us and we will be happy to satisfy all your requests.


We will answer all your questions!

Immobiliare Carlo Goldoni s.a.s.

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30015 Chioggia


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If you are using a GPS:  Set the address to: Corso del Popolo 931.

Exit State Road SSRomea and follow the signs to Chioggia Porto.  After two kilometers, you will take the long bridge over the Lagoon, turn right at the traffic light toward Chioggia Centro, keep driving, and turn right at Piazzale Perottolo where you can still see boats and stylized sails.

Then turn left at the T junction with Corso del Popolo.  After 100 meters you will see the Palazzo Carlo Goldoni on your right, just after a pharmacy. And you have arrived!  The entrance is on the left side of the building in Calle Rosalba Carriera, the first door on your right inviting you to enter the “Casa di Carlo Goldoni Bed and Breakfast”.

You can contact us at Tel. +39.041.405648 Giulia +39.349.3977697 Guglielmo +39.3384286603

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